This page will be expanded upon in the near future to provide more details on compatible adapters

On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) Adapter

FourStroke requires the use of an OBD Adapter to connect to your vehicle. OBD2 compliant vehicles have a physical connector often located in the driver side wheel well or passenger side wheel well. Note that some vehicles may have this connector but may not be OBD2 compliant. View Vehicle Compatibility below for further details.

Note: Bluetooth OBD adapters are not compatible with this application.

Vehicle Compatibility

Vehicles sold in 1996 onwards will have a OBD2 support for USA. For other regions or further information please read: Is My Car Compatible?

Recommended Adapters

FourStroke is undergoing testing with several adapters. Currently we are happy to say that we have had great success with most generic OBD WiFi Adapters.

Generic WiFi OBD Adapter

Most inexpensive generic WiFi OBD Adapters use the same internals and will support sensor read speeds of five requests per second. We have tested against several of these adapters on multiple cars and they have all worked identically in our case.

Starting as low as $10


Vgate WiFi OBD Adapter

Vgate Wifi Adapters have been confirmed to be compatible with FourStroke v1.2+.

Starting as low as $25



OBDLink Adapters have the fastest refresh rate of the current adapters we have tested against. Rates are fast enough to provide extremely quick and smooth visual updates.

Useful Additions

Accessories may be useful if you are looking to permanently install an adapter or use multiple OBD devices on one vehicle.

OBD2 Cable

Purchase a cable to make attaching an adapter much more convenient. Cables are also very useful if you are attempting to create a permanent installation and need the adapter to be out of your way.

OBD2 Splitter

Hook up more than one device to your vehicle with a splitter. Note: some devices may conflict with each-other.