On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) Adapter

FourStroke requires the use of an OBD Adapter to connect to your vehicle. OBD2 compliant vehicles have a physical
connector often located in the driver side wheel well or passenger side wheel well. Note that some vehicles may have
this connector but may not be OBD2 compliant. View Vehicle Compatibility below for further details.

Note: We do not sell adapters, these are recommendations for adapters tested and ensured to be compatible with our application. Note that lower quality adapters may have issues connecting to certain vehicles.

Vehicle Compatibility

Vehicles sold in 1996 onwards will have a OBD2 support for USA. For other regions or further information please read:
Is My Car Compatible? It is also recommended to review the adapter compatibility recommendations, if any.

Recommended Bluetooth Adapters

We recommend Bluetooth enabled adapters when possible as they provide the best performance. These adapters also avoid the requirement to disconnect from any currently connected WiFi networks.

Veepeak OBDCheck BLE/BLE+

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VGate BLE 4.0 Adapter

FlyRoadUp OBDII BLE Adapter

OBDLink CX BLE Adapter

Recommended Wifi Adapters

The following Wireless adapters have been tested with FourStroke and proven reliable

Generic WiFi OBD Adapter

Vgate WiFi OBD Adapter