Supported Gauges

Our app retrieves data of the following gauges. Please note that support of sensors varies by vehicle.

  • Calculated Engine Load
  • Engine Coolant Temperature
  • Engine RPM
  • Fuel Pressure
  • Intake Air Temperature
  • Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure
  • Fuel Trim (Long and Short)
  • MAF Air Flow Rate
  • Engine Run Time
  • Throttle Position
  • Timing Advance
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Eight Oxygen Sensors – Voltage Output & Trim
  • Eight Wideband Sensors – Voltage & Equivalence Ratio
  • Distance Traveled with Check Engine Light on
  • EGR Error
  • EGR Value
  • Evap Purge Valve
  • Fuel Level
  • Fuel Pressure
  • Absolute Barometric Pressure
  • Catalyst Temperature
  • Control Module Voltage
  • Engine Oil Temperature
  • Fuel Injection Timing
  • Relative Throttle Position
  • Hybrid Battery Life
  • Plus more to come

Gauges support Metric and Imperial displays. Multiple gauges are available now as part of version 2.x!

Diagnostic Abilities

Identify check engine lights by reviewing diagnostic codes translated into error descriptions. Diagnostics allow:

  • View Stored Codes View errors confirmed by your vehicle’s control unit.
  • View Pending Codes Review warnings of possible errors that the vehicle’s control unit has flagged as a potential problem.
  • Search Diagnostic Codes Manually search all possible codes for a car with our in-app database. (Coming next update!)
  • Freeze Frame Data View a snapshot of your vehicle’s sensors at the time of the last diagnostic code.
  • View All Sensor Data Scan the output of every sensor on a single screen.
  • View Vehicle Information Display your VIN and adapter information along with additional OBD details
  • Emissions Readiness Ensure your car will pass an emissions test

Upcoming Features

Check back frequently for features planned for the near future, including:

  • Viewing Permanent Codes (newer vehicles)
  • Additional Sensor Support
  • OBD Command Console for Manual Interaction
  • Datalogging and Graphing
  • Integration with Additional Adapters
  • Themes and Visual Customization
  • Additional Gauges (Inclinometer/LCD Only/Accelerometer)
  • MPG Tracking
  • Horsepower & Torque Dyno