Is My Vehicle Compatible

FourStroke works with OBDII (On-board Diagnostic) equipped vehicles. Due to regulations many countries since 1996 have required all vehicles sold to be OBD2 compliant. OBD2 is a general term and is often interchanged with JOBD, EOBD, OBD II.

OBD2 Compatibility by Region

Below is a listing of years when countries required vehicles to be OBD2 compliant. Cars sold in the year listed would be compatible along with all vehicles in future years.

Cars sold before the years listed may still be OBD2 compatible as the below only lists when OBD2 compliance was mandatory.

Country/Region Year
Argentina 2008+
Australia – Petrol 2006+
Australia – Diesel 2007+
Brazil 2008+
Canada 1998+
China 2008+
Chile 2014+
Europe – Petrol 2001+
Europe – Diesel 2004+
Hong Kong 2007+
India 2010+
Japan 2002+
Mexico 2006+
Morocco 2011+
New Zealand 2006+
Russia 2012+
South Korea 2007+
Taiwan 2008+
USA 1996+


Confirming Compatibility

If you have a vehicle that the table above does not cover consult your owners manual or check under the hood of your vehicle for a sticker indicating that the vehicle is OBD2 Certified. Most OBD2 compliant vehicles have a sticker indicating OBD2 Certification. See below for several examples.

My vehicle has the OBD connector, isn’t it compatible?

Not necessarily. Some vehicles have an older OBD configuration (i.e. OBD1) which is not compatible. Some manufacturers included this port before they implemented OBD2.